Women's Pantyhose with Imitation Underwear

These elegant high density tights with tightened panties is a perfect choice if you wish to tighten your problem areas in a seamless and elegant way. The high density panties are extremely comfortable and are perfect for every day use. The tights feel extremely smooth and the quality will impress you with its silky touch and light fragrance that is added to each pair. The subtle silky shine in the tights creates a slimmer appearance of your legs.

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  1. STYLE 20 Denier Shape Control
    As low as €7.10
  2. STYLE 40 Denier Shape Control
    As low as €7.70
  3. BIKINI 40 Denier
    As low as €6.50
  4. BIKINI 20 Denier Lycra®
    As low as €6.20
  5. IMPRESS 25 Denier
    As low as €10.20
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